The manufactured knitted fabrics are sold in bales . Payment can be made ​​in cash , by bank transfer or payment card .
Elastics for knitted fabrics are weighed According to customer 's needs .
Knitted fabrics are sent to a DPD courier upon the customer 's request - payable upon delivery or on the basis of pro -forma invoice after pre -payment . Parcels are well secured from getting stained .
Goods are shipped all around Poland . For customers from the South ( Czech Republic , Slovakia ) , the send parcels to the DPD headquarters in Bielsko Biala for personal pick -up .



All the knitted fabrics manufactured by the marczak company undergo final testing. Parameters such as colour-fastness, shrinkability, resistance to sweat and friction are determined.
Upon the customer’s request, we issue a quality certificate for a given knitted fabric batch.


Each complaint is examined individually. 
In order to examine a complaint, we are going to need the proof of purchase of goods.
If the goods which have not been used due to knitting or finishing errors are being complained about (the bale has not been disturbed and it has the manufacturing notes), the complaint is automatically approved.
The marczak company is liable for defective goods in amount of the value of the goods sold.