The “marczak” company

The “marczak” company was established in 1993 and is entirely a Polish company.


We produce knitted fabrics in bales from the best raw materials such as: viscose, cotton, polyamide, polyester and many more. We are open to new ideas and trends.


Continuous investments in our machinery stock and development of intellectual resources provide ample opportunities for filling the most complex orders made by our customers.

We produce single-bed and double-bed fabrics from very thick of 500 g/m2 to very thin of 80 g/m2, from 135 cm to 205 cm wide. Knitted fabrics are rolled up - each roll approx. 15kg/pcs. It is sold by the kilogram in actual weight (goods are weighed before being sold).


A big warehouse allows us to keep a wide range of goods available immediately on our customers’ demand. There are over 200 colours in the warehouse, jacquards, reliefs, belts, prints.


We also offer a wide variety of cotton fabrics such as sweatshirt fabrics, elastics, interlocks and singles in a broad range of colours and varied basis weight.

Projects are co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the national budget.